Course Director

Clinical Aspects of Speech and Hearing (SHBT 202/HST.724), Harvard Program in Speech and Hearing Bioscience and Technology, Harvard Integrated Life Sciences, Division of Medical Sciences, Harvard University

This course exposes PhD students to the clinical approach to speech and hearing disorders as practiced by physicians, audiologists, speech clinicians, rehabilitation specialists and bioengineers. The course includes observation of patient care in clinic and operating room; laboratory experience in audiology; voice and speech evaluation; testing of balance disorders; lectures and discussion groups.

Invited Lecturer

Introduction to the Profession of Physician Scientist (ITPPS), Harvard-MIT Division of Health Science and Technology

This course starts training students in critical reading, and exposes them to state-of-the art basic research aimed at solving clinical problems.

Human Functional Anatomy (HT010.0), Harvard-MIT Division of Health Science and Technology

The course explores the gross structure and function of the human body. Fundamental principles of bioengineering are employed to promote analytical approaches to understanding the body's design.

Frontiers in Biomedical Engineering and Physics (HST.500), Harvard-MIT Division of Health Science and Technology

This course provides a framework for mapping research topics at the intersection of medicine and engineering/physics in the Harvard-MIT community. Lectures provide fundamental concepts and consider what's hot, and why, in research areas including regenerative biomedical technologies, biomedical imaging and biooptics.

Molecular Biology of Human Disease, Harvard-MIT MD-PhD Program

This course introduces first year MD-PhD students to critical reading of scientific literature and to molecular biology tools that can be used to solve clinical problems.

Temporal Bone Dissection Course, Harvard Medical School

This course seeks to bring the practicing otolaryngologist up to date with the latest techniques in otologic surgery, including chronic ear disease, otosclerosis, cochlear implantation, vestibular disorders, and endoscopic ear techniques.